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Expatriate Financial Advice is the independent resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the offshore financial marketplace. We believe that for you to make those all important financial decisions that will affect yourself and your family, you must be well informed and understand the implications of your actions. Too many expats rely upon the opinions of poorly trained offshore financial advisors, whose main aim is to maximise their commission whilst offering very little in terms of knowledge and ongoing support.

We will only work with selected partners that are legally regulated by the financial authorities within their chosen jurisdiction. Before being approved to become a business partner of Expatriate Financial Advice, the financial advisory firms that we work with must meet a strict level of professional criteria that have been established by using guidelines from regulators in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our business partners must have UK trained international financial advisers specialising in giving unbiased and expert offshore financial advice to expats around the world. Whether you are considering regular savings from your monthly salary to save for your future, looking at ways of legally maximising your offshore tax status, outperforming your current bank interest rates, interested in the many benefits of transferring your frozen UK pensions to an offshore arrangement, or just want to try and save some money on your life insurance, Expatriate Financial Advice will help educate you as to your options. If you have specific questions, we will introduce you to a regulated and independent financial Company that will assist you in making the right decision for you and your family.

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An International IFA should adhere to strict guidelines when dealing with their clients, comparable to those established by the Financial Services Authority in the UK in relation to ‘know your client’ and ‘best advice’ and will only recommend solutions from financial jurisdictions that offer the highest level of ‘investor protection’ in the world. This will give you confidentiality and also the confidence that your money is protected by strict financial guidelines, authorised and recognised by the UK Government.

Our larger partners are able to combine their collective strengths to obtain the best terms and conditions for you. They offer an exclusive and highly competitive range of solutions from leading financial institutions, many of which are not available from anyone else.

The aims of Expatriate Financial Advice and their business partners are securing ‘long term’ relationships through continuous quality of service and expert ‘back-up’, so ensuring satisfied and wealthier clients.

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