About Expatriate Financial Advice

If you want to learn and understand more about the offshore financial marketplace, then Expatriate Financial Advice has been designed especially for you. We knew from our own experience that far too many expats rely upon the opinions of poorly trained offshore financial advisors whose main aim is to maximise their commission whilst offering very little in terms of knowledge and ongoing support. We believe that for you to make those all important financial decisions that will affect yourself and your family, you must be well informed and so decided to establish this information portal and work with our chosen 'business partners', who must all exceed our strict criteria for selection. This criteria has been established based upon advice obtained from financial regulators in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

To become a partner of Expatriate Financial Advice, you must be totally independent and not tied in to offering solutions from any particular provider. This means that our partners are able to thoroughly research the whole financial marketplace to find a solution that exactly fits the needs of our clients. Whether you are interested in improving your personal financial circumstances or as a senior manager or Director, you are interested in discussing unique ways of motivating, rewarding and retaining your key staff, we will only introduce you to an approved partner that will be able to offer a range of financial solutions without any bias.

They work solely on behalf of our clients and not for the large financial providers.

Our partners will only recommend solutions from areas that offer the highest level of 'investor protection' in the world. This will give you strict confidentiality, the ability to do business in private and the confidence that your money is protected by strict financial guidelines, authorised and recognised by the UK Government.

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Client purchasing habits are changing. Whether selecting a financial adviser or an investment strategy, clients seek assurance and brand credibility - size, strength and stability. Expatriate Financial Advice will only work with business partners that meet the high standards expected in terms of financial strength, experience and security. Through our ongoing business relationships with the leading financial providers in the world, we have the pedigree and the service infrastructure to exceed your expectations.

Effective planning is a must to ensure that the financial plans you make for your income and capital today, reap the maximum rewards in the future. What you also need is a financial solution that will provide the flexibility you require to turn your vision of the future into a reality, and to provide all the features you demand to meet your changing needs throughout your and your family's life.

Our partners offer you world leading solutions from companies such as Deutsche Bank, Castlestone, Invesco, Friends Provident International, HSBC, Generali International, Irish Life, Lloyds TSB, GAA, Prudential and Zurich to name but a few.

Our partners will advise on a full range of wealth and pension services and are able to help our clients make appropriate financial decisions. They are able to provide individuals, and businesses, with sound financial solutions without bias or hidden agendas due to their independent status.

Below are some examples of the areas where our partners advise both private and corporate clients -

Financial Planning services

  • Onshore and offshore financial solutions for capital growth
  • Planning for retirement
  • Group Pension/Staff Retention Schemes for Key Members of your staff
  • Overseas pension solutions to free your frozen UK pensions
  • School/University Fees
  • Offshore banking
  • Capital deposit services
  • Mortgage repayment
  • Offshore pension funds
  • Life Assurance

Portfolio Management Services

  • Optimal allocation of assets for best returns (private and corporate e.g. pension market)
  • Globally diversified portfolios containing equities, cash bonds and other asset types
  • Private client portfolio reports

Specialist Offshore Services

  • Offshore trusts for the protection and preservation of family assets

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