Client Case Studies

Regular Monthly Savings -
Anthony Slater, Compliance Officer, Bahrain

Anthony, an Australian national, had recently moved to work in Bahrain and was interested in saving for his and his family's future whilst enjoying his tax free status. He had no defined plans to withdraw his savings at any particular time, but wanted something that would grow tax free, give him the flexibility to use his savings as and when he needed them, and more importantly for whatever he wanted to use them for!

Our chosen business partner structured a regular monthly savings plan for Anthony that gave him the potential for tax free growth, the ability to reduce or increase his premiums as and when his personal circumstances required, to take a 'premium holiday' and stop paying into his plan for a particular time period if needed and the freedom and portability to continue paying into his plan wherever he chooses to live and work in the world.

Due to the collective strengths of our financial network, Anthony was offered enhanced allocations (depending on yearly contributions) with a significant 'loyalty bonus' depending on the length of time his plan is in operation, so giving him and his family even more opportunity to help him achieve his financial aims.

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Releasing your UK Pensions -

Rhys Edwards, Sales Director, Cyprus

Rhys, a UK national, worked in the UK for over 25 years before moving to Nicosia in Cyprus. During his time in the UK he worked for three different Companies and as part of his compensation at the time, Rhys' employers paid into a Company pension scheme on his behalf. Unfortunately none of these Company pension schemes were portable to another job and so Rhys had three 'frozen' UK pension schemes. Rhys also started a personal pension plan in the UK about twelve years before he left, giving him a grand total of four pension plans which he had no control over whatsoever!

After consulting Expatriate Financial Advice, Rhys was introduced to an authorised pensions expert in Cyprus and gave his permission for our partner to obtain information on his behalf  from his respective pension providers. Our financial solutions provider listened to Rhys' needs concerning efficient tax and IHT planning, tax free growth in a safe environment and what growth he required and based upon these discussions, created a solution for Rhys which utilised a UK Government approved QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) based in Guernsey. This gave Rhys the ability to combine his four pension 'pots' of money for easy management, no requirements to purchase an annuity even at age 75, the freedom to choose where his money is invested and the ability to pass his remaining funds to his family upon death without punitive IHT charges. Additional flexibility to access funds before 65 (depending upon circumstances) can also be utilised within a QROPS solution.

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The Experienced Investor with an existing Portfolio with ever decreasing value -

Peter A, CFO, Greece

Peter, a German national, is an experienced investor with an already established 'portfolio bond' or 'offshore wrapper' that is heavily biased towards property funds. He established his offshore 'portfolio bond' through an IFA about five years ago, but unfortunately has not been contacted by his IFA for almost three years and has received no replies from his emails. Due to the current economic climate and more importantly no ongoing advice or support, the value of Peter's portfolio has decreased by over 45% over a sixteen month period.

Peter was recommended by a colleague to contact Expatriate Financial Advice and was introduced to one of our approved partners who reviewed and researched his investments and financial information situation. They were able to recommend a solution that restructured his existing investments into differing asset classes. This will give Peter the opportunity to grow a proportion of his money through investments that are totally unrelated or indeed correlated to the current economic crisis, with a guarantee of ongoing support and regular reviews, to ensure that Peter's financial aims for the future are back on track.

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Retiring to a 'Place in the Sun' -

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Chapman, Retired, Spain

Don and Valerie, both UK nationals, moved to Spain in February 2009 looking forward to a long and happy retirement in the sun. Their combined 'UK' pensions would cover their accommodation expenses and day to day living in Spain, but they were looking for a safe haven for the equity of £268,000 that they received from the sale of their property in the UK. They wanted the potential to outperform their bank and building society deposit rates, have access to their money if it was needed, oly wanted a small risk to their initial cash 'lump sum' and be content in the knowledge that any money left over after their death would be passed to their grandchildren without paying punitive taxes.

Expatriate Financial Advice introduced Don and Valerie to a financial expert that structured a bespoke solution for them in a safe and highly regulated offshore environment. This gives them the ability to take income from their savings on a regular or ad hoc basis, lets their money grow in a 'tax friendly' jurisdiction and will let them pass any funds to their grandchildren without punitive tax and with only a small risk to their initial capital. In addition to this, Don and Valerie have complete choice and control over where and how their money is invested.

Whether you are looking for 'guaranteed returns', 'capital guarantees' for your 'lump sum' cash investments, or a combination of both, Expatriate Financial Advice will introduce you to an approved partner that will tailor a solution to your individual needs.

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Retirement Planning and Pensions -

Yvonne Landholt, Lawyer, Switzerland

Yvonne, a British national working in Switzerland, was concerned that she had little provision for retirement and wanted to utilise a proportion of her excess monthly earnings along with a 'lump sum' that was currently earning very little interest in a local bank.

Her requirements were for a low risk and steady growth retirement solution over an 18 year period, the flexibility to add excess capital when her circumstances allowed and the ability for her savings to 'roll up' in a tax free and safe environment.

Expatriate Financial Advice, through one of their approved partners, were able to structure a bespoke retirement plan for Yvonne, using a combination of regular contributions and 'lump sum' investments, to give her the satisfaction of knowing that her long term financial goals were being professionally managed and also reviewed on a quarterly basis. The regular reviews with Yvonne give her financial adviser the opportunity to ensure that they are still meeting all of Yvonne's financial aims, and also to react to any changes in Yvonne's life that may influence their original recommendations.

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