Expatriate Financial Advice - FAQ
What is Expatriate Financial Advice?
We are an independent resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the offshore financial marketplace.

What do you do?
We will educate you to enable you to make those all important financial decisions that will affect you and your family and help you to be well informed and understand the implications of your actions

Where are you based?
Our administration offices are based in Limassol, Cyprus.

What compliance procedures do you follow?
We adhere to strict guidelines when dealing with our clients, established by the Financial Services Authority in the UK in relation to ‘know your client’ and ‘best advice’. We will only introduce you to partners that recommend solutions from financial jurisdictions that offer the highest level of ‘investor protection’ in the world. We have a full time compliance officer who ensures that any business transacted is fit and proper and meets the needs of the client. Client cases are reviewed on a regular basis.

What do you mean by ‘independent’ financial advice?
Our business partners are not ‘tied’ to or owned by any of the world’s financial corporations. They are totally independent. This means that by utilising our teams of dedicated researchers, they are able to research the ‘whole’ of the market to find a financial solution that exactly meets your needs now, and in the future. By combining our collective strengths and knowledge, we are able to obtain the best terms and conditions for you. We can introduce you to an exclusive and highly competitive range of solutions from leading financial institutions, many of which are not available from anyone else.

Do I need to send my money directly to you?
No! After you have discussed, agreed and approved the financial recommendations of our partners, if you wish to proceed, your money will be transferred directly from you, to the financial institution that has been agreed upon. Whilst we will obviously assist you with any paperwork and compliance that needs to be completed, the actual transfer of any of your funds will be strictly under your control and will not pass through Expatriate Financial Advice.

How do you get paid?
Our partners will be paid a management fee or commission directly from the financial organisation that has been agreed upon. Expatriate Financial Advice will then receive an 'introduction' fee from our business partners. Our clients do not pay any fees or remuneration directly to us or our partners for advice, either on an immediate or ongoing basis unless agreed in writing beforehand.

Do you hold regular reviews with your clients?
Depending on the financial solution chosen and the needs and wishes of our clients, we suggest that you review your investments or savings on a quarterly basis to ensure that your financial expectations are being met.

How do I get valuations for my investments?
You may get up to date online valuations 24x7, directly through your product provider, or by requesting a valuation from your financial consultant, or by contacting our customer services department at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How do I become a client?
Soon after we receive your initial enquiry by phone or email, one of our authorised partners will contact you to gain a better understanding of your requirements and to schedule a convenient time for you to speak with one of their senior financial consultants.

At the agreed time, you will be either called or meet with a consultant who will answer any questions you may have. Then, with your permission, the consultant will conduct a ‘confidential planning questionnaire’ with you to ascertain your current financial situation and more importantly to ascertain your financial goals, risk profile, shortfalls, needs etc for the future. When the consultant has a full understanding of your situation and has agreed your goals with you, in association with our financial research team, they will endeavour to find the perfect ‘fit’ to your requirements and will schedule a ‘follow up’ appointment to give you their findings.

Within 48 hours, you will receive a detailed financial report that outlines your current situation, your personal requirements and our partners recommendations for your consideration. This report will form the basis of your ‘follow up’ discussion with your financial consultant. The ‘follow up’ will make sure that your needs have been fully understood and addressed and that after answering any further questions, you are happy that we have recommended a solution that has been individually designed for your circumstances and aims for the future.

If you decide to proceed with one of the financial solutions that has been discussed with you, the consultant in association with our compliance and customer services team, will help you through the application process.

Your consultant will remain your ‘first point of contact’ for any of your needs. This will ensure continuity, ongoing client relationships and also make it easy for you to do business with your chosen provider.

Your consultant will conduct regular reviews with you to make sure that your money is working as hard as possible to meet your financial objectives.

I have dealt with offshore financial advisers previously, but they always seem to lose contact with me once they have their commission!
The aims of Expatriate Financial Advice and our partners are in securing ‘long term’ relationships through continuous quality of service and expert ‘back-up’, so ensuring satisfied, wealthier clients. Many of our new clients have been ‘introduced’ and ‘recommended’ by existing clients that are extremely satisfied with our services and those of our partners. Continuous quality of advice and also service, is one of the main reasons why many of our partners continue to grow in these difficult economic times.

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