Alternative Saving Solutions

‘The price of oil is plummeting, the world’s major indices are on icy ground, the economy of China has ground to a halt causing instability in the price of commodities and Europe and the Euro are in disarray.’

Over the course of the last few years, private investors have been increasingly searching for ways to diversify their investments away from the traditional route of buying stocks and shares. With increasing inflation, interest rates at record lows and talk of another recession, private investors are looking to diversify within their portfolios and so ultimately reduce their risk.

Alternative solutions can help you achieve diversification by owning alternative assets. This class of investment has performed exceedingly well over the last few years and in many cases has outperformed a large proportion of the major stock indices such as the FTSE 100. More importantly for people looking for diversification within their savings and assets, alternatives investments seem to have been less affected by the economic problems that most economies are currently facing and are forecast to face in the future.

After extensive market research and ‘due diligence’, Expatriate Financial Advice are delighted to announce a unique partnership with Bredon Ventures Ltd, (, a UK based private investment office specialising in offering alternative investment opportunities with a high fixed return and secured against underlying assets.

Through their extensive contacts with Venture Capitalists, funds, trusts, pension providers and family offices, the Directors of Bredon have an impressive track record of matching specific investment opportunities with the unique requirements of individual investors looking to generate high fixed returns from their savings and pension funds.

Current opportunities include a two or five year investment offering a fixed return of 10% per annum along with an extra 10% bonus for those choosing the five year ‘deferred’ option and an eighteen or thirty-six month investment offering 12%, 15% and up to 20% per annum, depending on the term chosen and the frequency of ‘income’ payments required.

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