The desire to provide for our family as well as we possibly can is one of our driving emotions. Ensuring that they have all that they need drives us on every day, but sometimes, occupied with the challenges of everyday life, we forget about the most obvious question of all -

'What will happen to them if I am no longer there to provide?'

A LifePlan can offer you a bespoke range of protection benefits to fit your specific needs. No two LifePlans are the same and Expatriate Financial Advice along with it's approved business partners will help you create a comprehensive policy for now and for your future.

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LifePlan can be used to address a number of different protection needs -

  • Family Protection - A lump sum to your chosen beneficiaries upon your death.
  • Business Protection - You can help to reduce the financial impact caused by the death or illness of key business partners, or to simply pay ongoing commitments.
  • Mortgage or Loan Protection - Many lenders ask for the security that their loan to you will be repaid in the event of your death or critical illness. LifePlan has the flexibility to be assigned to the lender for this purpose.
  • Children's Plan - You can insure the life of a child so that at the age of 18, they will have the gift of primary life and critical illness cover. They can use this to protect their own families or as security for home loans or any other financial obligations

For more information on a LifePlan, please contact us to be introduced to one of our senior 'family protection' consultants.