Lump Sum Saving Solutions
There are certain times in your life that you may have money available that is not required for any immediate purpose. It may be earning you a small amount of interest deposited in a current or savings account with your bank or building society, and whilst it is always tempting to enjoy the benefits of this 'cash' immediately, individuals with discipline and 'foresight', take this opportunity to establish a positive step towards their financial independence.

The range of ' lump sum ' saving solutions available from our partners are designed to help the 'intelligent investor' plan for retirement, school or university fees, a wedding, a holiday villa, or indeed any event in the future that takes careful planning to achieve your financial dreams. Our partners will help you ensure that your money is working hard for you at all times and is easily accessible when it is required.

Personal Online Savings Planner

Handcrafted savings solutions, tailored specifically for your financial needs and goals

' Lump Sum ' saving solutions can be established in many of the major currencies including US Dollars, Sterling, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars and Japanese Yen.

The partners of Expatriate Financial Advice base their lump sum saving solutions solely upon individual circumstances after holding a detailed discussion with you to ascertain your current situation and your future requirements. It is likely that they would provide an 'insurance' based option for your savings, whereby you can choose different lives assured and a number of beneficiaries. This will give you a high degree of flexibility and tax efficiency in your financial planning.

Having made the decision to proceed with your offshore savings plan, if you accumulate further savings, you can add further money to your personalised plan as and when you wish. The partners of Expatriate Financial Advice will only recommend solutions that give you the flexibility to withdraw some or all of your investment whenever it suits you. You can access funds at any time and usually receive the proceeds within 15 working days.

You may also choose to receive a regular payment from your plan on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, which is particularly useful if you require a regular income to meet your financial needs.

Traditional savings plans usually offer a high degree of security, but do not always offer you the prospects for growth that will make a real difference in your financial situation over the medium to long term. Choosing equities and funds generally produce better and more significant returns on your capital compared with the lower and sometimes negative returns produced by the negative impact of inflation upon more traditional savings accounts.

There are many different influences that will impact upon your decision of where to place your money. Our business partners offer expert, independent, individual advice based upon your current financial circumstances and what you wish to achieve in the future.

For a confidential,. no obligation discussion with one of our recommended financial advisers about a 'lump sum' saving solution or our range of services, please complete the 'financial planning' contact form or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it