Retirement Planning
The business partners of Expatriate Financial Advice have ‘specialist’, independent pension advisers to help you achieve your financial goals in retirement. Whether you already have existing pension provisions such as personal or Company plans and are looking at ways of improving your long term situation, whether you are just starting to consider saving for retirement or whether you have just retired, our approved partners can advise you on your ‘offshore’ savings options and help guide you through the often difficult decisions you need to make in saving and consolidating for your future.

Our partners can offer you retirement solutions from market leading providers to create a plan that it is unique to you and to your individual circumstances.

Our highly experienced partners will help you with tax planning to minimise the effects of taxation on your retirement savings. Continuous financial advice to help your money work harder for you, no matter whether you are planning to retire or have already retired and estate planning advice to make sure that your wealth is passed on to the people you love, whilst legally minimising inheritance taxes.

Personal Online Savings Planner

Handcrafted savings solutions, tailored specifically for your financial needs and goals

When deciding which retirement solution is right for you, Expatriate Financial Advice will help you consider –
  • Does my current or future provision qualify for beneficial tax treatment in my country of residence?
  • Can I take withdrawals from my ‘plan’ to pay for unforeseen events?
  • Can I take regular withdrawals from my ‘plan’ on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to supplement my regular ‘income’?
  • What happens to my ‘pension’ fund if I die?
  • Is it easy to make changes to my pension plan if I want to?
  • Will I be taxed on my ‘pension’ fund as it grows or will tax be deducted at source?
For more detailed information on retirement solutions such as Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS), 'regular savings' or ‘lump sum’ investments, please click on the links on the left of the page, or contact us for further information.